The Milk that is Easier to Digest, Less Allergies & Rich in Calcium !

Goat Milk is not widely consumed in US, however, it is a household drink in many other Countries. Goat Milk is rich in nutrients such as Proteins, Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Potassium and many others. The Benefits of Goat Milk include an easier digestion, a better absorption of nutrients (better than Cow’s Milk), and less allergenic Proteins. Although it has many Pro’s, it also has Con’s. In most cases can be a little more expensive than Cow’s Milk, and its smell can be a problem for some. If you’re unsure about adding Goat’s Milk to your diet, keep reading to find out its benefits.

Goats Milk Benefits:

1- Easy Digestion:
Goat Milk is easier to Digest than Cow’s Milk. They are similar in terms of their fat content, however, the fat globules in Goat Milk are smaller, which makes it easier for the body to digest. Once it enters the stomach, the milk proteins form a soft curd which allows the body to digest it with less irritation and better than Cow’s Milk.

2- Less Allergenic Proteins:
Goats Milk cause less inflammation in the Body because it has less allergenic proteins. Cow’s Milk normally has more than 15 different allergens, one of which is A1 Casein. This Casein is a highly inflammatory for some people. It causes Gastrointestinal issues such as Leaky Gut; Irritable Bowel Syndrome; Chron’s Diseases; and in some cases skin Acne & Eczema. Goat Milk only contains A2 Casein which in a non-inflammatory protein.

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3- High Calcium + Low Cholesterol:
Some of Goats Milk biggest benefits is being high in calcium and medium-chain fatty acids, but very low in cholesterol. Goat Milk contains more calcium than Cow’s Milk. Thanks to the medium-chain fatty acids, Goat Milk provides an organic Energy Boost and helps to lower the cholesterol levels in the body.

4- It Benefits the Skin Health:
Goat Milk promotes the skin health and its complexion due to its fatty acids and triglycerides that work to moisturize the skin. It contains a high level of Vitamin A, and also contains Lactic Acid, which helps the body to get rid of dead skin cells to brighten the skin tone and fight off bacterias.

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5- Better Nutrient and Mineral Absorption than Cow’s Milk:
Goat’s Milk helps the body to better absorb Nutrients and minerals. It makes it easier for the body to absorb when comparing to Cow’s Milk. Researcheres suggest the regular consumption of Goat Milk will help to fight Anemia, Malabsorption issues, and Osteoporosis Issues. The high Levels of Selenium and Zinc in Goats Milk may also prevent neurodegenerative diseases.

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